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                       Mobile Video Magazine Article Categories

Advertising Systems
Articles that cover ad severs, ad insertion splicers, and ad management software.

Content Licensing
Articles that describe the rights for media programs and how to obtain and use them.

Content Production
Articles that explain ways and options to create content.

Home Media Networking
Articles that describe the types of systems that can distribute Mobile Video signals in homes and buildings.

Mobile Media Storage
Articles that give options and show how to store media  into mobile devices.

Mobile Systems Integration
Articles that explain how to purchase, set-up, and configure Mobile Video systems.

Mobile Video Billing Systems
Service and usage tracking software and devices.

Mobile Video Services
Mobile Video services are the providing of television signals or programs to viewing devices (e.g. televisions) where the signals travel through IP data networks such as private lines (DSL) or via public data lines (e.g. the Internet).

Mobile Video Testing
Articles that explain how to monitor, diagnose, and analyze the performance of Mobile Video systems.


                        Mobile Video Magazine Editorial Mission

Mobile Video Magazine identifies and explains the technologies and applications that allow video and multimedia services to be provided through mobile communication networks. Readers learn about the types of systems and available options that are necessary to implement mobile video along with new features and applications and the business opportunities that are available in the mobile video industry.


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