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NTT DOCOMO Unveils 19 Handsets in New 906i and 706i Series

TOKYO, JAPAN, May 27, 2008 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC. and its eight regional subsidiaries announced today the new 906i and 706i series comprising 19 handsets and 64 body colors, which will be launched on or after June 1 (see charts below).
The 906i series' eight handsets are equipped for all-round functions, including 3G/GSM international roaming, upgraded GPS location information, HSDPA, "One-Segment" mobile TV, 2 in 1® (combines capabilities of two phones in one), DCMX® mobile credit card and iD™ mobile credit payments, VGA LCD screen and voice-to-text translation for Chinese, English and Japanese.
The 906i series enables full-spec enjoyment of diverse video content and services, including DOCOMO's Music & Video Channel, which provides more than 100 channels of downloadable broadcasts spanning 14 genres, and the new video portal on the i-mode™ top screen, which offers a wide array of free, searchable videos and clips. The handsets come with upgraded full browsers to play Windows Media® Video (all models except F906i) and Flash® 8 (all models except P906i) content commonly available on PC websites, and can upload movies and images of up to 2MB.

The new 706i series, 11 handsets in all, boasts slim, sophisticated designs and compatibility with "One-Segment" mobile TV. The 706i meets diverse needs with a wide-ranging lineup, including the Extra-Slim One-Seg Phone (slimmest One-Seg phone available), the Waterproof One-Seg Phone, the Wellness phone that monitors diet and health, and the enhanced Easy-to-Use phone with improved user interface. Some models are also compatible with advanced services such as HSDPA and 3G/GSM international roaming. Features of 906i Series Models include enhanced video capabilities, upgraded "Deco-mail" features, 3G/GSM international roaming, GPS and various other functions.

FusionOne Announces Mobile Content Transfer Solution

San Diego, CA - May 28th, 2008 FusionOne announced that it has created an ecosystem for the wireless industry based on its operator-branded Mobile Content Transfer Solution. Announced at Qualcomm's BREW 2008 Conference in San Diego, FusionOne's mobile content ecosystem will provide the wireless industry with a platform for backing up and migrating licensed mobile content.
The Mobile Content Transfer Solution creates a solution that is comprised of operators, device manufacturers, content providers,

billing system providers and technology providers such as Qualcomm. This solution will offer wireless subscribers the option of restoring their licensed content when they purchase a new mobile phone. With the Mobile Content Transfer Solution, subscriptions and credits are seamlessly migrated to a new mobile device and customer relationships with the subscriber are preserved.
"This holistic approach to the protection and migration of licensed mobile content is unique to the wireless industry," said Mohan Sadashiva, senior vice president of marketing for FusionOne. "Wireless operators can substantially reduce revenue leakage by making it easy for subscribers to reacquire their applications and other content. Likewise, content providers will benefit from increased customer loyalty and retention, while subscribers themselves will no longer have to delay purchasing a new mobile device due to the inconvenience associated with restoring their applications."
The Mobile Content Transfer Solution is built on FusionOne's MightyBackup service, which has protected more than half a billion mobile phone contacts. MightyBackup wirelessly backs up the mobile phone address book to FusionOne's secure data center, keeps the information continually up-to-date, and automatically transfers the records when the user replaces or upgrades their mobile phone. This affordable service enables online management of the address book, automatic recovery of the information, and a secure protection for the valuable contact information stored on a user's mobile phone.

Marisa Marzano
Big Sky Communications, Inc.

MobiTV and UIEvolution collaborate to deliver streaming video to automobiles

May 22, 2008 -MobiTV, Inc and UIEvolution (UIE) announced their collaboration on an end-to-end solution that will enable streaming video experiences in automobiles. The Connected Car solution by UIEvolution will be demonstrated with video technology provided by MobiTV at this year's Telematics Detroit 2008 show.
Auto manufacturers are able to quickly add connectivity to standalone audio, video and navigation systems as well as integrate advertising. The UIE Connected Car solution with video powered by MobiTV delivers real-time information and personalized content to the driver, entertainment to the rear-seat passengers and provides fully-integrated, targeted advertising delivery. The ability to add advertising can reduce the cost of a monthly subscription for connected services.
The solution uses the industry-leading technology from UIEvolution including robust client-server technology to facilitate and streamline the in-vehicle experience. Once the vehicle is in the market, UIE Blender™, the managed service for content aggregation, management & on-boarding allows automakers to update, add and extend services and applications, responding to changing market trends and consumer behavior.
MobiTV is providing the encoding and delivery platform for the invehicle streaming solution, utilizing its RTP/RTSP and

3GPP-compliant Optimized Delivery Server (ODS). ODS combines unicast and multicast distribution methods, creating a single delivery platform that improves video quality and decreases backhaul. MobiTV's ODS utilizes bandwidth smoothing, seamless network handover capabilities and bandwidth adaptation that includes stream switching, stream thinning and rate shaping to significantly improve the overall user experience.
"UIE and MobiTV share a common vision to create and deliver an always-on, connected media experience to the fourth screen in the automobiles of the near future," said Kevin Grant, vice president of sales, MobiTV. "UIE's ability to deliver world-class integrated services and MobiTV's proven capability of delivering live TV over virtually every modern wireless network will bring the viewing convenience of the living room to the back seat of tomorrow's vehicles."
MobiTV's Optimized Delivery Server delivers the industry's fastest channel change capability (sub-one second) and enables new video advertising insertion solutions including in-stream insertion for live and clip linear content and the ability to deliver in-video personalized, targeted ads to a specific user based on the user's available profile information.

Mobifusion Releases mEngine™ 2.0 Platform

GURGAON, India, May 29, 2008 - Mobifusion (Asia), announced the release of mEngine 2.0, a breakthrough multimedia platform for mobile.

mEngine 2.0 features an icon-based graphic user interface, support for multi-protocol/multi-platform/O.S, instant photos and graphics, a page flip feature, audio plug-ins and improved browsing speed that all deliver an enhanced multimedia experience for mobile users across the world.
"By delivering the 'snacks' of mobile content mobile users want, mEngine 2.0 will transform the way people use and see their mobile handsets," said Pavan Mandhani, Founder & CEO of Mobifusion. "mEngine 2.0 is an indispensable technology for all multimedia content for mobile phones."
According to Mandhani, with mEngine 2.0, Mobifusion's operator partners can now take advantage of the extensive handset and OS compatibility of 2.0 - including Java, Symbian, Blackberry, WinMobile, Palm, WAP, iDEN and other platforms while content partners will embrace how the company has adapted its best brands for this new dynamic mobile multimedia platform. "Snacking on your favorite entertainment or info-based brands on mobile is now a reality," added Mandhani.
The release of mEngine 2.0 demonstrates Mobifusion's commitment to be at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge technology to the mobile marketplace in Asia and abroad. "We will continue to expand our technology offering with our patented m-Engine providing automation for translating mobile applications," noted Mandhani. "Mobile business is growing at a steady pace and we intend to take advantage of the opportunities it presents for our company."

LG and Samsung Join Forces to Develop and Promote Mobile Digital TV Standard

Seoul, Korea, May 14, 2008 - LG Electronics (LG) and Samsung Electronics (Samsung) announced today that they will propose their jointly developed technology as the North American technology standard for mobile DTV.
Samsung and LG held a signing ceremony at Seoul Plaza Hotel in Seoul, Korea, on May 14, 2008. Executives from the two companies attended the event, including Woo Paik, LG's President and CTO, and JongWoo Park, President of Samsung Digital Media Business.
At the ceremony, the two companies agreed to cooperate in order to assure rapid adoption by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) of a single common in-band mobile DTV standard.
Technology for the jointly proposed system will reflect the findings of the IDOV (Independent Demonstration of Viability) conducted by the Association of Maximum Service Television (MSTV) on behalf of the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC). A report on IDOV will be submitted by the OMVC to the ATSC.
The jointly promoted mobile DTV solution uses the existing terrestrial digital TV broadcast bandwidth, with no impact on existing digital TV and with minimum broadcasting equipment investment.
"LG and Samsung are already world-class in digital TV and mobile communications, said LG President and Chief Technology Officer Woo Paik."

Through this collaboration, we also have an opportunity to lead the North American mobile DTV market."Added JongWoo Park, President of Samsung Digital Media Business: "Our collaboration on North American mobile DTV standardization will help accelerate the ATSC standardization of mobile TV technology, which will benefit both consumers and broadcasters."
ATSC is expected to adopt the mobile/handheld DTV standard for the North American market in early 2009 following trials of the technology by the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC), a group of leading U.S. broadcasters who are vigorously promoting the development and early deployment of mobile DTV.
According to a study commissioned by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), with the adoption of a single ATSC mobile/handheld DTV standard, the U.S. market for mobile DTV phones will reach 130 million units by the end of 2012, with the market for portable media device mobile DTV receivers growing to include an additional 25 million units. (Source: "Study of the Impact of Multiple Systems for Mobile/Handheld Digital Television," BIA Financial Network, January 14, 2008.)

SingTel launches mio TV on Mobile

Singapore, 20 May 2008 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) today announced the launch of its mio TV on Mobile service. SingTel is the first operator in Singapore and one of the first in Asia Pacific to launch a mobile TV client with true TV viewing experience on mobile phones.

This innovation adds another dimension for users to access mio TV, which was launched in July 2007, and its quality content even when they are on the move.
"mio TV has revolutionised the way people watch TV, and the mio TV on Mobile service provides our customers with yet another convenient medium to expand their viewing options," said Mr Wong Soon Nam, SingTel's Vice President of Consumer Marketing.
"With Singapore's high mobile penetration rate and SingTel's customer base of over 2.5 million mobile users, the largest in Singapore, it makes sense to offer compelling content on our mobile platform so that Singaporeans have access to their favourite mio TV content wherever they may be."
Users who sign up for the service have a choice selection from mio TV's wide range of content offerings - from popular local channels like Channel 8 Prime Time and Channel NewsAsia to premium channels like Mei Ah Movies Channel (Asia), TRACE, ETTV Asia News, Mom-On-Demand and KBS World.
The service features a TV remote control-like user interface that includes a number keypad and arrow keys which users can use to select and toggle between channels, as well as navigate up and down the menu. The EPG supports an interactive playlist with easy access to programme listings and information.
mio TV customers who subscribe to this service can look forward to the Remote Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that allows them to use their mobile phones to schedule recordings on their mio TV PVR service at home - even when they are overseas. This service will be available by September this year.
Using the service is simple and convenient as there is no need to walk in to the shops or call the hotlines. To subscribe, 3G postpaid mobile customers simply need to dial *mioTVm (*646886) to download and install the mobile TV client (application) for free.

They can then subscribe to the channels via the application and start viewing the content immediately. In future the client will be preloaded onto compatible handsets.
mio TV on Mobile customers pay a flat monthly subscription of $6 per month for unlimited viewing of the live channels. Pay Per View for channels and On Demand video are charged at $0.50 per clip. There are no data charges for downloading the mio TV on Mobile application, browsing the programme guide or watching programmes. Prices are inclusive of GST.

Swisscom launches its new live mobile TV infrastructure for UEFA EURO 2008™ using Mobixell Mobile Webcast™ Solution

Cupertino, CA, - Mobixell Networks announced today that its latest platform offering with Swisscom, has gone live. It will see

Swisscom deliver the highest quality live video and audio streaming possible with low bandwidth conditions (GPRS) to its customers - in time for the anticipated surge in demand around the UEFA EURO 2008™ and the Olympics. Using Mobixell's Mobile Webcast™ solution, Swisscom can deliver real-time Mobile TV and Video on Demand to ensure a sustained connection even when the network reaches capacity or reception quality deteriorates.
Mobixell's Mobile Webcast solution performs real-time adaptation, so that irrespective of the handset device being used or variable wireless network conditions, the user experience is always optimised. In addition to providing continuous streaming, despite network or reception limitations, it also has the ability to reduce the stall duration when the user hands-off from a high-bit rate connection (e.g. UMTS) to a low bit-rate (e.g. EDGE or GPRS) connection. Mobile Webcast facilitates introducing new video services, from Video on Demand and live channels through to Internet video, simply and at optimal quality.
As well as enhancing the customer experience, Mobile Webcast also opens up the opportunity for mobile advertising as ads and branding can be added to the video streams. Recent research from Jupiter has estimated that mobile internet advertising revenues in Europe will grow to €1.3billion in 2012, and mobile video is seen to be the second highest contributor to this.  Swisscom's spokesperson Christian Neuhaus said,

"Major sporting events, such as the UEFA EURO 2008™, typically require dealing with peaks of cellular traffic as high volumes of people gather in one area, all using their phones for a variety of different services. Swisscom recognises the importance of providing its customers with the best service quality possible, and by working with Mobixell, has ensured that this will remain the case during June's European football tournament and the Olympics.
"In addition to the benefits continuous streaming offers Swisscom customers, it also holds an excellent business case for Mobixell itself," Christian Neuhaus continued. "Statistically, when a user gets cut off while using a mobile video service more than once or twice, they will not continue to use it. Mobixell's continuous efforts will help provide our customers the best Mobile TV experience possible."


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