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UMTS Long Term Evolution (LTE)

This free tutorial explains the basic components, technologies used, and operation of UMTS LTE systems. You will discover why mobile telephone service providers are upgrading their 2nd and 3nd generation digital mobile to a more efficient and feature rich UMTS LTE generation system.


This free tutorial explains the basic components, technologies used, and operation of GSM systems. You will discover why mobile telephone service providers have upgraded from 1st generation analog systems to more efficient and feature rich 2nd generation GSM systems. You will also discover how 2nd generation systems are gradually evolving into 3rd generation broadband multimedia systems.


This free tutorial provides a simplified description of Bluetooth technology, services, and profiles. You will find out how Bluetooth devices automatically locate nearby Bluetooth devices, authenticate them, discover their capabilities, and the processes that are used to setup connections with them.

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This free tutorial explains the functional parts of a WiMAX system and its basic operation. You will learn how WiMAX can use base stations to provide high speed data connections that can be used for voice, data and video services to distances of over 30 km.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

This free tutorial explains satellite position location technology and how the GPS system has evolved. You will learn the functional parts of GPS systems and how they work together to provide position measurements that are accurate to within centimeters.

Mobile Video

A free tutorial explaining how to send video and television to mobile telephones on 2nd and 3rd generation wireless systems. You will learn about the key available video transmission options. These include sending telephone and video signals on the same mobile radio channel, using dual frequency mobiles to allow access to mobile telephone systems and land based television transmission systems (such as DVB-H) and dual mode mobile to allow access to mobile telephone and satellite based television systems.

Mobile Media

This free tutorial explains how to get, format, and transmit content to mobile devices. Learn about the different types of digital media formats, which to use, and when to use them. You will discover about the different types of media capabilities of mobile devices, how systems can automatically detect the capability of mobile devices, and how media formats can be adapted for the best user experience.

Mobile Commerce

This free tutorial explains how mobile commerce systems allow wireless devices in a telecommunications network to display products and services, accept orders and receive content or services.


This free tutorial explains how the 1x Evolution (1XEV) data only (EVDO) system modifies (optimizes) the 1.25 MHz IS-95 radio channel structure to provide high-speed data services (up to 2.4 Mbps) to wireless customers. The EVDO system allows cellular service providers carriers to use one of more IS-95 CDMA radio channels (with changes) to provide broadband high-speed data services to their customers. The EVDO is an "always-on" system that allows users to browse the Internet without complicated dialup connections.

Private Land Mobile Radio (PLMR)

This free tutorial covers the basics of private land mobile radio systems including traditional dispatch, analog trunked radio, logic trunked radio (LTR), and advanced digital land mobile radio systems.


This free tutorial provides the basic technical components and operation of WCDMA system. You will learn the physical radio channel structures of the WCDMA system along with the basic frame and slot structures. Described are the logical channels and their functions. Explained are the key WCDMA network components and how they communicate with each other.


                        Mobile Video Magazine Editorial Mission

Mobile Video Magazine identifies and explains the technologies and applications that allow video and multimedia services to be provided through mobile communication networks. Readers learn about the types of systems and available options that are necessary to implement mobile video along with new features and applications and the business opportunities that are available in the mobile video industry.


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