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Mobile Video Market Update

According to Multimedia Research Group (MRG), the number of mobile video enabled devices will grow from over 240 million TV enabled handsets and over $2.9 billion of infrastructure equipment will be sold from 2007-2011. 
In their new Mobile TV: Global Standards Review & Forecast for Infrastructure and Handsets-2007-20111, MRG details the key factors that are contributing to or affecting the growth of the mobile video industry including:


- Current drivers and set backs of global mobile video growth
- Current state of mobile video deployments in Finland, Italy and Korea
- The initiation of mobile video deployments in Europe and Asia
- Success of a number of early mobile video deployments in Europe and Asia

MRG's research predicts that there should be a large upswing in the number of mobile television systems coming online towards the end of the decade. Due to this rapid  increase of the number of system, the mobile TV  

enabled handsets will have its highest increase from 2008 to 2009 with more than 250% growth. Figure 1 shows MRGs global mobile video subscriber forecast from 2006 to 20011 and how it has an annual growth rate of over 63%. This chart shows that the number of subscribers will grow from 7 million subscribers in 2006 to 82 million in 2011. 
The report identifies that boredom is a key driver for market demand for mobile TV services. In Finland, the UK, France, Korea and Japan, prime times of use of mobile video included in journey time to work, in work break and in early evening posts work and also later in the home.
MRG demonstrated that about 13% of people asked in surveys thought mobile video "it might take off," while in broadcast services which offer up to 4 times the resolution, around 60% say "We'd buy it," or "It will take off. 
Some mobile service providers in Asia are having difficulty with marketing the service, poor execution at the network and establishing content availability with early experiments. In Italy around 300,000 customers have bought mobile TV in 6 months out of a population of

Figure 1, Mobile TV Enabled Handsets 2006 to 2011 
the 6.8 million existing customers of the operator 3 Italia. The growth in Korea decreased due to a slower than expected rate of mobile video customers, with only 3 million customers in a country of 48 million people with two working systems. 

MRG reviewed the different types of systems that can provide mobile television services and determined that these systems include mobile 3G systems, wireless broadband (WiMax) and mobile broadcast networks. 

MRG predicts that mobile 3G networks will evolve from providing mobile TV
services on unicast systems (e.g. circuit connections and HSPDA) through multicast services (MBMS) and eventually provide mobile TV services on 100 Mbps long term evolution (LTE) 3G systems in 2009. MRG analyzed the WiMax systems and anticipates that WiMax systems will evolve from unicast systems to multicast systems in the 2009 time period. MRG reviewed mobile terrestrial (DVB-H) and mobile satellite (DVB-SH) systems and estimated they will progress to mass deployments in the 2008 and 2009 time periods. Figure 2 shows how the development of wireless networks can provide mobile television services. 

Figure 2, Mobile TV Roadmap
Multimedia Research Group, Inc. publishes market analyses of new technologies for the digital media industries, and provides market intelligence and strategy consulting for its client companies. MRG was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. 
The (175-page) Mobile TV: Global Standards Review & Forecast for Infrastructure and Handsets-2007-20111 is available in printed format for $3,995.00 US; or as a Departmental PDF license for $5,200.00 US. For more information or to order the report, contact Rob Smith at 408-524-9767 or rsmith@mrgco.com, or visit www.mrgco.com.
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Mobile Video Magazine identifies and explains the technologies and applications that allow video and multimedia services to be provided through mobile communication networks. Readers learn about the types of systems and available options that are necessary to implement mobile video along with new features and applications and the business opportunities that are available in the mobile video industry.


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